REDENOM is a Web 3.0 fundraising DAO platform that creates value in the process of redenomination.

The revolutionary Blockchain DAO – a crowd-investing paradigm based on the principle of redenomination and the zero-sum game theory. Global airdrop approach will allow each user to become an investor оr project creator, without being required to invest.

Tokens are granted for free!
Total Supply
1181.34911523 NOM
996 Addresses

Redenom (NOM) will be listed on the major cryptocurrency exchanges, SOON!

Our team is actively working to ensure that the Redenom (NOM) project gets posted on the highly coveted spots listing on the world's largest cryptoexchanges. Value and liquidity will form in the process of redenomination and active trading on the exchange.


What Is Redenomination?

The redenomination process consists in burning the last decimal order of the value of NOM tokens at set intervals and redistributing the accumulated sum between users. This redenomination process will increase the values of NOM tokens and will stimulate the users to get involved in order to become wealthier.

Users' Desk

Crowd-Investing Projects

The key function of the REDENOM project is creating value in the process of its circulation and redistribution. The created value increases the value of the DAO FUND, from which crypto-projects are funded. Each user has opportunity to submit a project and receive funding.

Redenom News

Follow our news. Don’t miss important events regarding key stages of project development. We publish the most important events regarding system updates, interaction with partners, reaching main goals, financial indicators etc.

Redenom F.A.Q.

The project’s concept does not include classic ICO/TGE events. We offer a ready-to-use system and free crypto-tokens. This is the reason we do not publish the project’s White Paper. Instead we propose to use the ready-to-use system, which we plan to develop. The project’s description is presented in a FAQ format, where you will find answers to any question concerning the project.

  • What is Redenom?

    Redenom is a revolutionary financial, technical and economic paradigm, organized based on blockchain technologies, combining the Principle of Redenomination and the Zero-Sum Game Theory. The technology is aimed at creating value in the process of a multi-stage redistribution of resources based on the Zero-Sum Game principle. During a redenomination an increase of market volatility of NOM crypto-coin is expected to occur at the crypto-exchanges. The increase of aggregate capitalization accordingly increases the capitalization of the Redenom DAO FUND that is used to fund projects (start-ups) ...

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  • What is a NOM token?

    NOM is a unique token (crypto asset), which acquires its value not through the initial coin offering (ICO), but in the process of redenomination. NOMs are generated in the Ethereum network based on smart contracts written in the Solidity programming language, and fully comply with the ERC-20 standard.

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  • What is the Redenomination process?

    The principle of redenomination is realized through the scheduled burning of the value of NOM tokens' last decimal order and the subsequent redistribution between users of the sum accumulated from such burning weighted by the values of the tokens' next to last decimal order.

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  • What is the Redenom DAO FUND?

    The Redenom DAO FUND is formed at the time of issue of NOM tokens to the users. Simultaneously, 30% of this amount is credited to the address of the Redenom DAO Fund.

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