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Crypto and Football

Crypto and Football

Last January, Turkish football club “Harunustaspor” became the first club to sign a player using Bitcoin. While the transfer fee itself wasn’t paid with crypto, a portion of the player’s signing-on fee was delivered in BTC.

Gibraltar just scored a major unexpected goal in the great tournament to be known as the most Bitcoin-friendly jurisdiction in Europe. A local football team made international sports headlines for deciding to pay its players with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin-billionaire and owner of the Bitcoin Suisse provider Niklas Nikolajsen renamed the ice arena in Bitcoin Arena. When Niklas became the general sponsor of the Danish hockey club “Rungsted Seier Capital”, he offered the players to pay salaries in the cryptocurrency.

Football club “Real Madrid” decided gradually transfer to pay for services by bitcoins. The tourists and football fans can buy the tour of the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”. This opportunity is realized thanks to the company 13 Tickets and the negotiating with another football club “Atlético Madrid”.

The football players started releasing their own crypto-currencies. James Rodriguez of the Real Madrid Football Club with SelfSell released a JR10 token, and the sale was on 27, May and lasted only 12 seconds.

Premier League football bosses will soon be paying for the best players in bitcoins, it was claimed last summer, after seven top-flight clubs launched cryptocurrency trials.

Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Southampton, Cardiff City, Brighton and Crystal Palace have agreed to set up digital wallets with an online trading platform which says it is in “no doubt” the currency will eventually replace sterling in the multi-billion pound transfer industry.

What do you think, how soon top football players would be transfer from clubs to clubs for a fee in crypto?!