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How to get more NOM’s now!

How to get more NOM’s now!

Thank you for showing interest, Redenom team really appreciates it because we value the project over which we are working.

You can get informed with the project here and find latest news here

The Media kit is at this address:

You will understand that our goal is not to collect money through the ICO / TGE event. We finance the project ourselves and its MVP already works.

We need your help in moving forward and if you want to become a part of the project and put your hand to its success, then welcome aboard.

We are ready to cover some basic expenses if they happened and give you a markup in the form of NOM tokens from 2 to 10 tokens, depending on the quality of your article or promotional event.

The good NEWS is that already over 420 token NOM holders are in the system and the number is growing daily

This is our model of work and if it does not suit you then it’s okay, you can still become a part of the project by registering, passing phone verification and getting NOMs to your account, and watch how do we evolve.

We are sure it will be a fascinating journey.