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Our solution for improvement Geth Node Sync stability

Our solution for improvement Geth Node Sync stability

Some of Redenom project participants ask us why transactions and payments sometimes occur with the delays. In order to answer this question, we decided to explain about the structure of our system.

The core of the Redenom project is a crypto smart-contract in the Ethereum network. This system is still relatively new and its creators are constantly working to improve it, nevertheless it is Ethereum that is de facto the most advanced blockchain system oriented to the implementation of crypto smart-contracts.

To interact with the blockchain, you must have your own Ethereum network node called “GETH” and here lies the main reason why transactions can sometimes be delayed. The matter is that on whatever powerful server the GETH node does work, it still periodically loses synchronization with the network. Due to attacks on the blockchain system (which occur quite often), the node may temporarily lag and transactions through it cannot pass until it gets the last blocks and is not synchronized with the network.

In order to minimize the waiting time for transactions and prevent failures, we had to organize several geographically remote GETH Nodes and configure the Redenom system so that transactions are automatically sent through the node that they can process at the maximum speed.

By increasing the number of Redenom Nodes on the Ethereum network, we developed a synchronization and backup algorithm providing a high level of both executions of any transactions in the Ethereum network within the Redenom project and fault tolerance.

Another problem with Ethereum is that the price of transactions can increase 10 or more times in just a few minutes, depending on the load on the network. If the transaction was sent at a price below the average in the network before such a sudden increase in value, it may remain unconfirmed for a long time, blocking all subsequent transactions.

To avoid such a situation, we have created a tool that analyzes the information about the transaction price and the network load recently, determines how the price will change in the future and all transactions of the Redenom project are sent at a price that will take into account possible fluctuations and changes.

We will continue to develop solutions that will bypass all Ethereum imperfections to make your user experience as pleasant as possible and accelerate transactions as possible.