Top 10 questions from Redenom members: | Redenom

Top 10 questions from Redenom members:

Top 10 questions from Redenom members:

Why are you asking for KYC?

We know that for many airdrops people don’t need to provide KYC, but our project as well will be used as an investment start-up for other projects, so we do not want multiple registrations, we strive for a fair play.

When we will be able to verify our persona details (KYC)?

Very soon. We are making the final test of our system. All members will be notified when KYC option will be activated. As well don’t forget to check our social media channels for updates.

Why the total supply is low?

The total supply is not low, it is changing on the website with the amount of members who verified their phone numbers, once the KYC option will be activated, the supply will grow even faster.

Who is the admin in telegram group?

You can get in touch with @Redenom_Admin regarding any questions or proposal you have, just don’t forget to check F.A.Q section first. Answers for many questions we receive are already there.

Would NOM be listed on the exchanges?

Definitely YES, we are currently negotiating with different exchanges.

Can I become an adviser for this project?

Yes you can. We are looking for an experienced adviser in legal, financial and economical field. If you think you are the right person, please get in touch with us.

Can I become a full member of the team?

No, our team is staffed. However, you can receive extra amount of token NOM’s for bringing new members on board.

Do you need help with your ICO?

Even thou we a clearly positioning our project as NOT an ICO, every day we receive offers to help us with our ico.

Where I can find information about your company and team?

You can find all the information about us here:

Can we have a call I want to discuss something?

This is another very popular question. We can schedule a call, but we really appreciate our time and yours. We need to know what is the topic of discussion and if it is relevant for us. So Please don’t just write “Let’s have a call”.