Who we are expected to take part in Redenom project | Redenom

Who we are expected to take part in Redenom project

Who we are expected to take part in Redenom project

First of all let’s analyze why people use crypto:

Low-cost funds transfers

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies is their ability to send and receive payments for inexpensive price. For example, a $99 million transfer cost the sender only $0.40 in transaction fees. If this money transfer had occurred through a financial intermediary the fees would have been higher.

Time saving

The time between transfers is really fast, down to couple of minutes, by comparison with ordinary money transactions that could take from hours up to days.

Make private transactions

There are plenty of digital currencies which enable users to make anonymous financial transactions. That means people can make currency transfers without having to explain to a bank why they are sending a certain amount of money, where did they get money from are and who they are sending funds to, which can delay the transaction.

Less fraud and chargebacks.

Cryptocurrency is similar to cash so you either have them available or you don’t. The system confirms funds and makes it next to impossible to spend more than you have. When paying with cryptocurrencies, both participants have to approve transactions. Thou, there are no disputes to worry about and chargebacks will no longer happen.

Travel the world

Due to the large growth of the cryptocurrency in the past years, it is now possible to pay by crypto when travelling the world. It is possible to book flights, car rentals, and hotels with crypto.

Investing in startups

Initial coin offerings and airdrops are new forms of fundraising that provides startups with the opportunity to raise capital by exchanges newly-created digital token to either cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether or currencies like dollar and euro. The price of the new token then acts as proxy linked to the success or failure of the startup once it starts to trade in the secondary market. The most successful new token have increased in value by thousands percent.

To sum up anyone 18+ can register and become member of our project, as it will beneficial to everyone.